Call for Papers

Global Sales Science Institute 8th Annual Conference

London, England
June 11 – 13, 2014

From Managing the Sale to Managing the Sales Force

There are two key facets in today’s successful sales organizations. First is the sales person’s ability to effectively manage the selling process. Today’s successful sales reps have moved beyond simply communicating features and benefits of products and services. These top sales people have learned how to partner with customers to deliver customized, integrated solutions that bring more value to the relationship than competitors. In addition to value-creating selling strategies, world-class sales organizations manage the sales force so that sales person motivation is high and costs-of-sales are low.

These two facets of top sales organizations will be explored at the upcoming 2014 GSSI Conference. The 2014 GSSI Conference is seeking papers that deal with either personal selling effectiveness that leads to success of the rep or the aspects of managing the sales force that facilitates increased performance of the firm.

The conference will have presentations of peer-reviewed papers, as well as panel discussions and invited keynote addresses by noted practitioners. All topics related to sales management and personal selling are invited. The papers can range from theory development to concepts for measurements and modeling to testing propositions in empirical or experimental studies. Papers based on cross-cultural studies and having international implications are particularly welcome.

Deadline for Paper and Proposal Submissions – EXTENDED:

You can submit a full paper or a five-page structured abstract by Monday, March 10, 2014.

Conference Co-Chairs:

Beth Rogers
University of Portsmouth
Leff Bonney
Florida State University
Ian Speakman


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